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Tori is a professional dancer/singer/actress/model in New York City. She grew up on Long Island training in jazz, ballet, tap, and hiphop learning from renowned choreographers. From a young age Tori knew performing and entertaining was what she wanted to do, at 17 she decided to make the move into New York. Since being here she has booked many jobs with well known artists and choreographers, has held internships at highly respected establishments such as Broadway Dance Center and The Pulse on Tour, and has toured with shows along the East Coast. Tori is signed with MSA Agency in both NY and LA, splitting her time between the East & West coast.


***You can also keep up with Tori by heading over to her blog ***  

                                      East ll West

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MSA Agency (NYC)                              MSA Agency (LA)                 

Bre O'Toole                                           JC Gutierrez

646-237-6928                                       323-957-6680                                  

1375 Broadway Suite 1000                  953 Cole Ave, Hollywood

New York, NY 10018                            California 90038


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